Engineering is a lucrative career and landing into it is not as challenging as people have been made to believe. There are certain exams that an aspiring engineer is supposed to seat before acquiring a certificate to participate in the engineering practices. To become a fully fledged engineer who can undertake any project the individual is supposed to sit level 3 engineering exam which is sat by a candidate who has sat for level 2 exams and passed according to the regulations of the examiner. The first qualification to sit for the exam is to have the desire to be an engineer.

The most important subject that you need to undertake in the engineering course in mathematics. Each aspiring engineering student must have scored a grade C in mathematics or a higher grade. The curriculum for these courses requires the student attend theoretical classes as well as practical lessons. The theoretical classes are offered in conventional lecture halls while the practical lessons are only taught in laboratories and workshops that have all the facilities that a student need. After completion of the course, each student is taken to a compulsory internship which must be on-site. During the internship, the learner is able to acquire hands-on skills and sharpen his practical skills. It is after passing the theoretical, practical and field tests that a student is given a certificate to become an engineer.

Level 3 engineering principles unit are essential because they allow people to become engineers without struggling so much. The certificate that a student gets from the training college is also recognized by higher institutes of learning and the student can use it to gain entry into any university to advance his career.  During the training, a student is taught on particular work ethics that are important for his success in the career such as completing all the tasks in good time. An engineer who is able to deliver under a certain deadline becomes reputable in a short period of time and this is vital for career growth.